50 Ways to Put the Boom Back in Boomer – #1 Never Apologise

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My raison d’etre is to keep busy. Health problems have forced me to stop work….so why dwell on my dicky heart? I need to do something for myself and my thing is writing.

It is not so much what I write, but THAT I write. But why not write something that may inspire others? You see, over the past 6 years since I stopped full time work, I had to do something to keep myself amused and at the same time make a little pocket money on the side.

Writing has provided me with many things and that is what I want to share with other Baby Boomers. Just because we sometimes feel useless, it doesn’t mean that we are. There are surveys to take, competitions to enter, guidance to give. Never apologise because you are blogging, even if the topic IS “People Who Have Swallowed Fur Balls”….someone somewhere out there in cyberspace will be interested.

And along the way, you might make a buck or two, find new friends or bond with those you already know.

So give it a go. Blog til you drop (or feel compelled to go to bed, for whatever reason).

Oh yeah. You may have noticed some of my prior blogs…have a look. There are tips on writing, editors, publishing and the occasional rant about family.

In the words of one much maligned company (not mentioning any names of course), “JUST DO IT!”

And keep an eye on this blog. There may be a blogging comp or two on the cards. Come on Boomers – have a go!

You know you are a Baby Boomer when….

You love the colours at the top of my blog site, because they remind you of that wallpaper that your parents hung in the kitchen when you were in Year 5.

Never apologise!

Until tomorrow Boomers.


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