Imagine a world without Baby Boomers

What is the fascination with the ‘baby boomer’ generation? Why did it make news that the oldest ‘baby boomers’ have started to officially retire in 2013? How will this affect the world economically, socially and culturally?

Whilst many couldn’t give a toss, there are those who claim that the very fabric of our society is being unravelled at an ever increasing rate as the ‘boomers’ reach their demise.

We ‘baby boomers’ have long been accused of thinking that we’re different. A distinct generation, living life in the best of times. Hedonistic, opinionated, selfish. Yes, some of us may spend our inheritance travelling the world before we die. But what does it mean to be a boomer in this age of YOLO (for those not in the know – the acronym for ‘You Only Live Once’)?

Baby Boomer – a person born during that time of increased birth rates immediately following the second world war. Typically, during the years 1946-1964 (U.S. Census Bureau).The first recorded use of the phrase “baby boomer” occurred in the Washington Post in 1970 (Oxford English Dictionary).

In this, my 50th year of life, I intend to chronicle my demise as a younger, ‘Jones Generation’ (as in – keeping up with the…) baby boomer.

Join me on my blogalicious navel-gazing journey. Laugh with me, cry with me. Comment if you dare. But please do not misinterpret my cause. After all, I may well be THE LAST BABY BOOMER…


2 thoughts on “Imagine a world without Baby Boomers

    • Thanks psychologistmimi. There is a happy medium between embracing youth and being true to oneself. It’s important to determine where to draw the line. Not there yet.

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