The Guys in the Cabin Next Door

I know that re-blogging is lazy, but my head is spinning and my daughter’s whining and in true boomer style, I defer to another.

Life in the Boomer Lane



Life in the Boomer Lane and a group of her friends rented a couple cabins this past weekend, in a spectacular wooded setting. Briefly imagine, if you will, LBL’s brilliant rendition of women bonding against a backdrop of nature’s endless bounty. Now, let’s cut to the chase: the guys in the cabin next door.

Let us start by backing up: Five women. Three happily partnered, two single. Four of the five have sired and raised children, all of whom are now grown responsible adults (the children, not the women). Since adolescence, no one in the group of women has had a run in with the law, except one who proudly sports a tee-shirt that reads “Nana has a rap sheet.” Women of an age in which the phrase “I’m wet” has taken on a slightly different meaning than it did several decades ago.

Now let us imagine…

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