50 Ways to Put the Boom Back in Boomer – #5 Look at How Far We’ve Come

Boomer Pictorial History



There were relatively few of us around, since this was the first year of the Baby Boom generation. World War II was over, Dads were coming home, and Mums were probably tired of waiting to start that family.


Homecoming                                     Home in 1946


Rock and roll was just emerging, and half of all Boomers had been born by this year. Elvis Presley was getting rolling, and Ray Charles was doing his thing. President Eisenhower had been a great general, but now his advisors were getting him, and us, entangled in a place called Vietnam.

1955 Chevy         Elvis Presley

1955    Chevy                                           Jailhouse Rocker


The last Boomers were born this year, just as the first were graduating from high school. John F. Kennedy was shot the year before, and President Johnson was deep in the Vietnam War. The Rolling Stones released their first album.


John F. Kennedy just before his assassination        Rolling Stones first album

JFK    in    Dallas                                     Seeking satisfaction


The Summer of Love happened in San Francisco and all across the country. A movie called The Graduate  reflected our life and featured the Boomer sounds of Simon and  Garfunkel.

Summer of Love        The Graduate movie

Summer    of Love  (Credit Altman)                      Graduate education


The musical and social phenomenon known as Woodstock took place in upstate New York. At about that same time Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon. A notable year, from mud to moon dust.

Woodstock festival       

Woodstock                                   Mooning was popular



Disco and alternative rock fought it out for control of the airwaves. The Bee Gees sang and John Travolta danced in Saturday Night Fever. Bruce Springsteen    and the E Street Band toured with Born to Run. People waited in lines to see the first Star Wars movie.

Saturday Night Fever        Bruce Springsteen onstage

Saturday    Night Fever                         Springsteen on the road


After all those years of being different, we started getting absorbed into the system. Even then, Boomers Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others shook things up by launching Apple computers into the big time. After work or the chores of the day we saw movies like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing with their offbeat tributes to our music.

Flashdance        Dirty Dancing

Flashdance                                     Dirty Dancing

Boomers Today

How things have changed…

Today there are many prominent Baby Boomers in the world. Barack Obama is possibly the most famous, as the first black president of the US.  Another is the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, spending  his ‘retirement’ investigating issues of international inequality and providing funding to redress the balance. No matter what you choose to do in your Boomerhood, do it with gusto and do it well. After all, we’ve been around for over 50 years and counting. Use your wisdom to make a difference today.


You know you’re a Boomer when…..

You can look back and remember the good times and the bad times and view it all as a life well lived. Celebrate your Boomerhood today!


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