Hey Facebook Friends….yes, YOU!

Now I have your attention, I’d like to ask you a question. Why are we Facebook friends????? Please do tell.

Most days, like today, I wake up, toddle down the stairs and make myself a hot caffeinated drink, turn on a phone, tablet or PC and check my Facebook. Why do I do this?

A. Because I am a creature of habit

B. Because my Facebook friends are my friends in real life too and I want to see what they’re up to

C.  Because I am an agoraphobic voyeur

D. I have no idea.

First to guess the answer gets a prize….

Well, now I have to tell you that you’re wrong. I have never much been a creature of habit (though these days I do follow more of a similar pattern than ever before. Although many of you are my REAL life friends, I have not seen most of you for years. As for the third choice – possibly. But I’ve never been diagnosed as ‘agoraphobic’ and I’ve never been caught voyeuring, so not sure I qualify on NO. 3.

Actually it’s D. I don’t know why the -!@_)+)% I go on Facebook religiously every day. But I do.

Last night however, I committed a mortal sin. One that I would never have contemplated doing…oh, about a year ago. I shared one of those Give Me A Hug type posts designed to see who actually reads anything you post or share.

What have I become?

I’ll tell you what – BORING! A victim of marketing, a Candy Crush Saga pathetic, click-o-matic machine -like follower of all that is presented on the screen in front of my face, whether I like it or not. A Facebook Automaton.

Fine’ I’ve confessed, but what to do. Well from now on, I am only gong to ‘Like’ if I really like something. Only going to ‘Share’ if it will absolutely help someone or make their day. Only going to answer ‘Game Requests’, if you are sending me things on games and post only when I have something unique to say.

Follow my social network experiment and see how long it takes for me to return to Automaton status…..

Wait, if I post this now, does that count?????




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