Lists, Lists, Lists

If you read my blog entry on inspiring boomers to write, you might have gathered that I was being a trifle sarcastic. Now don’t get me wrong, many good things come out of America, but GODDAMM IT, one of those things is NOT the profusion of bucket lists of stuff you’ve done, want to do or aspire to be.

I WAS guilty of being a list person when I was younger…..(well, I still am but I don’t publish my boring old lists for all the world to see). Yes I have been to 66 countries, yes I have read innumerable books, watched endless movies and endeavoured to complete a bucket list before I die, but why?

Why do we need lists? If you are a Baby Boomer who is relying on a list as the old memory is not as reliable as it used to be – great! That’s what lists are for. As well as for when you’re moving house and you have a hundred things to do, you’re at university or school and have a hundred assisgnments or it’s Christmas and the family is coming to you this year and you have a hundred items to buy. But what is the fascination with writing a list of books to read, or places to go in the holidays? Do a NIKE and Just Do It!!!

Memory has so far not been an issue for me. People in my family have memories like the veritable elephant, much to the chagrin of other relatives, friends and acquaintances. And writing a list these days feels like a commitment….the rebel in me just wants to tear it up or just go somewhere that’s not on the list just to say – “Ha ha, I can”.

Out of curiosity, I did a search on WordPress for blogs that are based on lists/goals etc. and there are quite a few. One I particularly liked was “The 50 Year Project” where the Writer details progress on visiting 192 countries, reading 1001 books and watching the Top 100 movies (whose Top 100, I don’t know). Admittedly, I was strangely drawn to this blog to monitor the Writers progress. I assume that the Writer is younger than 30, because any activity that is going to take 50 years to complete is probably not on a Baby Boomer’s list. But good on them I say.

I am not blogging to criticise or pooh-pooh others. I find the fabric of the web an immensely inspiring and occasionally baffling canvas through one can re-assess one’s own life and goals. But I promise – in the words of Taylor Swift (my daughters fave artist) that “I will never, ever,  bore you with liiiistts”. Sing along now….


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