Seeking Boomers to Write Old Style Poetry – aka Death to Senryu!

“Purple haze –

Your hairspray in the dawn light

You choke but it’s a pretty sight”

                                                                  Vikki Belling

Is this an example of Senryu?  Is it a good, fair to middling or an appalling example pray tell?  Honestly – I don’t know, though suspect it’s not.

Is it just me or does anyone else want to scream – “Death to Senryu, Kyoka and Tanka?”  Haiku – is less immodest, but, I don’t get brevity.

As there is an eye for abstract art, Senryu, Haiku and it’s related forms must have an ear or an eye to appreciate them.  Gen Y you say. Well granted, I do confess to being plump with Baby Boomer pride when I intone – “What is wrong with rhyme?”.  If my poems could be put to music and have a symphonous sameness about their endings, am I a lesser poet in this world of today?  Please I implore you – enlighten me (before I feel duty bound to enrol in a Haiku masterclass)!

I am struggling with how Japanese forms of poetry born out of a way less permissive society and funnelled through a permissive society , the United States of America, have relevance to we Writers in Australia?

The proof however is in the abundance of pudding and everywhere one clicks these days, there is a Haiku, Senryu or Kyoka journal or competition in evidence.

So if you would like to contribute some of YOUR abbreviated missives with those wonderful ‘dashes’, see such blogs as:

So what has solicited this sudden Senryu hatefest….

Today I was told that I am an old-fashioned Writer. Looking around, I don’t spy a quill and ink, scroll of parchment, or even a dilapidated typewriter. Which leads me to believe that I am just not au fait with what today’s generations want from literary scribblings (or Notebook tappings). According to one person at least, I am an epic literary failure.

I apologise for not having written a novella, a Short + Sweet play or Film Bite.  My works tend to run to pages, not characters or lines. And I have never ‘tweeted’ my work or txtd a microstory to your mobile. Soz.

Am I missing the point of today’s literature?  Are my novels destined to be published in minute quantities to be found languishing amongst the mags at the local Nursing Home until all the War Children and Baby Boomers die off?

Enough ruminations. A blog is a ‘newish’ concept for me.  An attempt to work through  some of the befuddlement I experience as an ‘aging’ Writer.  I trust that those with similar questions or those in the know will comment….or send me copies of your Sonnets, Rhyming Ballads or Bush Poetry.

PS Give me Bush Poetry any day!


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