The Baby Boomer Death Counter



After spending sometime online conducting research for a novel I’m writing, I discovered a shocking fact. There is a whole movement out there in cyberspace bent on facilitating the demise of the Baby Boomer. In fact there is even a Baby Boomer Death Counter at the below link (warning – only for the morbid).

Now I am not a Group #1 Baby Boomer, but one of the Jones Generation being born after 1955. I found out yesterday, much to my horror that, irregardless of the group we belong to, there are many a Gen X,Y,Z,W or Vex person who is looking forward to our premature downfall. There are web and Facebook pages with titles such as, “Die Boomer Die” (content obvious), “Boom Town”, which documents our demise in detail and my personal favourite, the blog, “How to Kill Baby Boomers, Dead”.

To add insult to injury, there is also a cheery novel entitled “Boomsday“, which suggests within it’s evil little pages, that we should all be offered assisted suicide as a way to save money for future generations. On the up side, it was also suggested that this would only occur after the government paid for a little holiday for us wrinklies – our last hurrah! The upshot of all this is that we Baby Boomers should be all but a dim memory by the year 2050.

AM I the only one who wasn’t aware on any of this before yesterday?????

Well, I have suffered my fair share of ageist discrimination – nothing more, nothing less than the average woman over 45, I suspect. But… dare they!

Inspiration comes in many forms. And so to my blog. Stopping short of an all out counterattack on the’ Die Boomers Die’ group, I ‘turned to WordPress. Fellow Baby Boomers. WE do not have to take this lying down (or even sitting in our Jason recliners). We will not be stopped. We have things to say…and by golly, we will speak out about this injustice to these most valuable members of our society. I invite all of you to contribute! Post, comment, vent, gibber…….whatever it takes!

But for now – adieu until tomorrow. It’s almost 9.30 and I need my beauty sleep.

Comrade Vikki aka. possibly the last Baby Boomer!


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