Blogging For Idiots

Repost from an earlier blog of mine – Writus Interruptus

Fortuitously, my daughter has absented herself on a school camp. Two whole days to myself….what to do?

Blog….of course, what else.

Happily returning to my Writus Interruptus Blog, I realise, with not a small amount of trepidation, that my previous twelve posts have NOT been published.

Not intending any slur on WordPress, I have to admit that the fault clearly lies with me. My inexperience has caused me, in my stolen writing moments, to neglect to press the Publish button. Not once, not twice, but 12 times!  Der…..!

My neglected posts stare accusingly at me from the Drafts page.  Unwittingly unpublished, unviewed and uncommented  on.

Further to this humiliation, I look back through my Pages, New Posts, My Dashboard etc. and am forced to face the reality that I did not place any tags, links or ping backs on my site. I meant to.  In fact, I could swear that I did this in May.  As a result , I have VERY FEW Views and ONLY ONE Comment on the posts I did manage to publish.

Alright, I concur that the Views are all from me and I hastily posted the Comment under an assumed name this morning.  There – laugh all you like.  My blog is a Claytons blog, a non-blog and I am a failed blogger!

Which leads me to the title of this Post.  Is there a  ’Blogging for Idiots’ book out that I can borrow from the library?  Or a concise website that explains how to bring traffic to a blog.  Before I add insult to injury and ruin any chance of ever having an audience for my blogs, please advise me what I’m doing wrong!

I’m now too deflated to post all of my Saved Drafts today.  So I’ll start with one – written some time ago and try to pick up the pieces and redeem myself to my non-existent blogees.

“BEFORE you get blogged down by the technicalities of creating your new blog, visit the help pages on WordPress, several other writer’s posts or try to locate a copy of Blogging for Idiots.  I’m told that it actually exists!

Writus Interruptus wins again!  AAARRRRRR!


4 thoughts on “Blogging For Idiots

  1. I too started out with forgetting to add tags; however, I did remember to hit post, often with a great deal of trepidation. I never realized how important tags were until after I did it a few times. It truly changes the number of viewers. For the first month I felt like I was talking to myself. I write about most anything that pops into my head which seemed to bother one reader. On Fridays I do a Faith Filled Friday blog, but other than that it’s anything goes.
    I was absolutely delighted to find a Baby Boomer blog. It seems so much is for the younger generations. And we do need to learn about growing old. I’ve never done it before!
    I may have a number of years on me, but I try to keep young in mind and heart.

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