NaNoWri what??????

The second day of the Na No Wri Mo 50000 word novel project. Word count : 7400

Beginnings are easy. With the 50th birthday out of the way, NaNoWriMo came all too soon.

Nursing a stomach ache from lashing out and eating non-gluten free birthdy fare, yesterday was a ‘write off’ (in a good way). Neglected my household chores, didn’t attend my daughter’s school function and no blog post was forthcoming. Instead I wrote. Who knew that gluten intolerance could be so inspiring?

Today-not so. Super softball Saturday, lunch and a movie or two later and I’m frantically typing this pathetic excuse for a blog post…so typical of me.

No excuses. I’m happy with my progress, but…the burning question dances wildy through my gray matter-will I get to write tonight? Methinks not.

The natives are restless. Time to cook.



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