Now that I am well under way with my novel, I actually looked up and breathed for a while today. Decided to take a leisurely scroll through Facebook… and was incensed by what I saw.

It seems that our newly elected conservative government has decided to do away with everything of a social justice nature. In addition it has, true to form, started buddying up with some of the wealthiest citizens of this country, Australia to further line they’re collective pockets.

No surprise, you say, but at the risk of sounding like a Baby Boomer, I have never in all of my years seen such a blatant display of the misuse of power as is being rolled by the LNP today on both a State and Federal level.

Not only is the Hon. Campbell Newman, Premier of Qld, changing the laws of this country almost singlehandedly, but he is not enlisting the assistance of any kind of legal mind on the matter. Yes, bikies that form gangs and run illegal business for profit should be stopped, but there is a process for that very thing. I know a few bikies and they are not all bad. As a Justice of the Peace, I have occasionally had to sign off on a warrant or a demand to hold a suspect without concrete evidence. The role of the JP in this case is to ensure that the police do not infringe on any personal rights that the detained person has, including expediting a release within a reasonable timeframe, should no evidence surface.

Where does a Politician get off changing this rule willy-nilly to allow the Police to keep bikies locked up for an indefinite period?

On the nationwide front, I was saddened to learn that the Federal government, last week abolished AUSAID, our government aid program. As an ex Aid Worker, I can attest to the fact that AUSAID, despite it’s faults, assisted many worthwhile projects to enable some of the world’s poorest to improve their life, health and education. Of prime I importance was a maternal and child welfare program that was actually enabling women in remote areas to better access health services during pregnancy. With the highest rate of maternal and foetal complications in the world, PNG’s cultural and geographical challenges make sit literally a deadly pursuit to attempt to have a baby in most areas of the country.

What the …….hey ho is going on with the world?

My last pet peeve is that, said government is also cutting back programs to decrease emissions and actively seeking to dismantle the carbon tax. But worse than that, they (again without any known consultation), have decided to change the international rules on the language that describes people with refugee status. Detainees now are treated as criminals, kept in sub-standard conditions and not allowed the due process of justice within international frameworks.

Maybe it’s just me, but if bikies, refugees, women in PNG and assorted other groups are denied the generally accepted course of justice, where is that going to take us?  Many will be caught in the crossfire, including families and children.

I fear for what the world is becoming and I’m sure this isn’t just because I’m a Baby Boomer!


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