Wishing You a BONZA New Boomer Year Everybody!

Yes I’m early and yes, I have had a month off on a ‘Boomer Holiday’ (better known as a health hiatus), but I’m back…. and looking forward to a brilliant 2014 full of Boomer brilliance!

Speaking of which….

Tonight I discovered, a web site called BONZA. For those of you who don’t know, the word ‘bonza’ is an Australian/New Zealand colloquialism for beaut, great, fantastic or fabulous. It also, of course includes the letters NZ and A, which of course denotes that the aforementioned website is of relevance to wee peeps Down Under. So what does the BO stand for? BOOMERS. Yes, and body odour, which many Boomers and others, suffer from. But primarily it is an Aussie Web Site advocating on behalf of Baby Boomers.

A quick browse revealed that, not only has this web site been around for a while, but, along with fun YouTube videos and encouragement for over 50s looking for work, there is also a serious side. The Editor is actively seeking opinion from Aussie and Kiwi Boomers on their needs as they age and lobbying the government on our behalf. How bonza is that?

Below is an example of the sorts of information and assistance available on the web site. If you wish to take a closer squiz, follow the link below:



Please answer the survey questions at the top of the Notice Board page!!!!


Editor’s view ….
We are really on the Titanic sailing quietly but steadily towards the iceberg.
The mass of ice has been built from:

  • So many of us; 5 million to retire in the next ten to twenty years thus creating a Skill Shortage as there are not enough young unemployed to replace such numbers and there will be more aged than young Australians for the first time in history.
  • Lack of future employment-  baby boomers face the real prospect of never working full time again as many of us take redundancy and leave our secure jobs. Part time or casual maybe the best we can get. Only around 50% of jobs in the current workplace are full time. The rest are part time or casual.
  • Many of us still have financial commitments such as mortgage and education expenses but no income.
  • Our children are still being educated because some married later and some are reluctant to leave the nest as things are too good at home.
  • We will live longer as the average age of death for males and females is now in the early to mid 80s.
  • We will need to draw upon our life savings and superannuation before our golden years so we can live comfortably thus depleting our assets.
  • We will need government benefits earlier than previous generations.
  • We will need more health care, hospitals and nursing homes to cope with our numbers in our old age.  Double the pace makers and the artificial hips for instance.
  • Our children will not get their inheritance and will be asked to pay more taxes to provide for us or at least look after us at home but our children are not having as many or any children to pay these taxes.
  • We will have to work longer-until 70? The OZ PM has already introduced a retirement of 67 in 2022 and those who want to work longer should be allowed to work until 70. Is this the thin end of the wedge? Will the Federal govt force baby boomers to work longer by cutting pensions to those younger than 70 and by hitting self-funded retirees with hefty superannuation taxes until they reach that age?
  • The pension age will blow out to 67 before 2022. Will it go higher?
  • When we withdraw our investments to live on after retirement, the baby boomer market value will be strong and some will spend large amounts.
  • We will be unable to draw upon our superannuation at the age we choose.
  • Our fitness levels will drop, as we cannot afford gym fees and health will deteriorate.
  • Trillions will be spent on our health by governments yet our teeth are rotting and affecting our health. Free or subsidised dental health is needed.
  • Older age groups do not participate enough in organised sports.
  • There will not be enough age care homes for us so our children will have the privilege of looking after us (pay-back time for us perhaps)?

Bonza will endeavour to address these problems and what we can do about them through research and involvement of government and private bodies that can inform us of which is the best way to go with our lives.

It is hoped that Bonza will have some answers but we would like your opinions and ideas as well. We will then relay them to state and federal leaders.
Please contact us and let’s help each other.

Brian Murphy

Amen to that Brian. Together Boomers can make a difference. Watch Bonza’s  ‘Moving Forward’ video on the Bonza home page and perhaps you too can get involved.


How Boomers Saved Everything

Had to repost this great example of a Boomer perspective. Thanks LBL.

Life in the Boomer Lane


While few would argue that boomers discovered fire and invented the wheel and the baby cage, AARP Magazine has a whole new crop of boomer achievements to present in its current issue. In fact, AARP will be devoting an entire year to slobbering over what we boomers have achieved. The first piece is by PJ O’Rourke, titled, “How Boomers Ruined Saved Everything.”

The series is in honor of the youngest boomers turning 50 this year, in spite of 98% of such boomers having clearly stated that they want no part of AARP, Boomerdom, or PJ O’Rourke. A spokesperson for these soon-to-be fifty-year-olds has said, “Why can’t boomers leave us the hell alone? We are perfectly fine, thank you, without being associated with a bunch of people with liver spots, skin tags, and leaky bladders.”

Back to the AARP article: In direct contrast to an odious pile of festering journalism by…

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