How Boomers Saved Everything

Had to repost this great example of a Boomer perspective. Thanks LBL.

Life in the Boomer Lane


While few would argue that boomers discovered fire and invented the wheel and the baby cage, AARP Magazine has a whole new crop of boomer achievements to present in its current issue. In fact, AARP will be devoting an entire year to slobbering over what we boomers have achieved. The first piece is by PJ O’Rourke, titled, “How Boomers Ruined Saved Everything.”

The series is in honor of the youngest boomers turning 50 this year, in spite of 98% of such boomers having clearly stated that they want no part of AARP, Boomerdom, or PJ O’Rourke. A spokesperson for these soon-to-be fifty-year-olds has said, “Why can’t boomers leave us the hell alone? We are perfectly fine, thank you, without being associated with a bunch of people with liver spots, skin tags, and leaky bladders.”

Back to the AARP article: In direct contrast to an odious pile of festering journalism by…

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