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Fiftyup Club launches to assist Baby Boomers in Australia

Fiftyup Club launches to assist Baby Boomers in Australia

Yes it’s back to school/work and drudgery this week. So for my first full year as a 50 year old, I am attempting to rationalize my life to eliminate wasted time, wasted resources and wasted money.

Herein lies the challenge. There is only SO much that one little family can change. Sure it’s fine to grow your oiwn fruit and vege and herbs (until the crows eat your summer crop of tomatoes), but how can we Boomers get better deals and be rewarded for paying our bills and being fairly frugal global citizens?

That’s why my ears pricked up when I heard about Fiftyup Club. It appears that someone out there has finally clued into the fact that most marketing campaigns are aimed at the young and want to redress the balance. Baby Boomer power mat yet get a voice in Oz.

The deal us to join for free and watch what offers are created just for us ‘wrinklies’. So far it has live offers on insurance and electricity prices but the note that sign up, the more we’ll get.

Follow this link:

Will it work? Who knows. But I am always willing to try something new. Note, this one is for Queenslanders only. Let me know if anyone has any feedback once it gets going.