Why Inches Matter

I can totally relate to this post being only 4’10 myself!

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane has been short for almost all of her entire life (birth doesn’t count, as most newborns are unusually short.) She didn’t notice it much when she was growing up (or rather, growing older), because everyone in her immediate family was vertically challenged. When she went out into the world, though, she gradually realized that a lot of people were over 5’2”. She has been struggling with this observation ever since.

Opening her email this morning, she immediately saw that an alert reader had sent her an article from NationalGeographic.com titled “Short People Got Lots of Reasons to Legitimately Feel Paranoid.” LBL doesn’t understand why NatGeo can’t confine itself to taking photos of baboons and entire societies who manage to live without VISA cards and Justin Beiber. Why are they bringing up sensitive issues that LBL would rather not dwell on? Against her better judgment, she…

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