Book Review – Last Words by Michael Koryta


A lot of people may have been in the situation where they found themselves saying the wrong thing to a person, before leaving them; sometimes never to see them again. Whilst Detective Mark Novak’s last words to his wife ring true, they are perhaps the only part of this book that is believable.

Enter the inhabitants of a small Indiana town, a dead girl, a psych case (or two) and a Sheriff who used to date the dead girl’s Mother. Mix in a thug or three and a plot that leads inevitably to it’s expected conclusion and you have what is called a Bestseller (or as I call it, Pulp Fiction). Not my favourite genre.

To give Koryta credit, he does have a swag of “Bestsellers” to his name, but not having read any, I cannott comment as to whether they follow a similar pattern. From the first page to the last, I encountered what I term, ‘an eye roller’ and found it excrutiatingly difficult to finish. Most page turners, I’ll read in under a day. This took me the better part of a week for 440 loooonnnngggg pages. In the end, I found myself becoming a little involved and could even see the appeal of his style of writing. Sort of. Like watching a goldfish swimming around in a small bowl, I could view the Detective’s progress with wonder at how and why he kept going round and round, coming back to the dull town of Garrison for more.

If you’re a fan of the this type of bookish navel-gazing, that can be read without having to invest much emotion or even attention to the plot, then this is the book for you.

No, I am not rushing out to devour his other novels. That’s enough formula fiction for now,


Book Reviews – My New Hobby!


I just finished another book that I acquired through a web site called The Reading Room. Not only did I get this book for free, but it is an Uncorrected Proof Copy and provides a look at the unedited content the Author has written prior to the final release.

So how did I get onto this phenomenon? Well actually I have been visiting Publisher’s web sites for years and have managed to acquire one or two books to read and review. With the advent of social media and the e-book however, there is currently a large pool of places providing free books or excerpts of books that you too can dip into.

The Reading Room is the top Aussie site for my current reviewing role, but there is also Better Reading, Good Reads and My Book Corner. If you are in the UK, there is Book Trust and in the US there are sites aplenty, like Book Browse, Springer and for kids, the Scholastic web sites.

You don’t have to always say nice things either. The truth is becoming an acceptable practice in sharing information or recommendations these days as people have less and less time to read. There are even a host of sites to assist in getting you compensation for your reviews.

Keep an eye out for some recent book reviews that I have posted and Baby Boomers – get reading…and writing to hone your skills. HAPPY READING!
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Living Well With Fibromyalgia e-Mag Set to Close

I know that it is INCREDIBLY easy to be purely a consumer of the web sites, blogs and e-mags about your particular issue/illness. Having a BAV, Fibromyalgia and the usual problems coming with increased age, I understand and admit to being guilty of such behaviour in 2015. ┬áBut to read that one of the most helpful e-mags about fibromyalgia is being put on pause due to a lack of response to the creator and writers is a MONUMENTAL SHAME. For many, googling their condition is about as active as they get for a long period of time. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that particular disorder yourself, there is still a lot of valuable information to be gleaned from mags like this one. It is one of my faves!

Read what the Owner reports as the reasons for discontinuing the blog below and show your support by commenting.