Book Reviews – My New Hobby!


I just finished another book that I acquired through a web site called The Reading Room. Not only did I get this book for free, but it is an Uncorrected Proof Copy and provides a look at the unedited content the Author has written prior to the final release.

So how did I get onto this phenomenon? Well actually I have been visiting Publisher’s web sites for years and have managed to acquire one or two books to read and review. With the advent of social media and the e-book however, there is currently a large pool of places providing free books or excerpts of books that you too can dip into.

The Reading Room is the top Aussie site for my current reviewing role, but there is also Better Reading, Good Reads and My Book Corner. If you are in the UK, there is Book Trust and in the US there are sites aplenty, like Book Browse, Springer and for kids, the Scholastic web sites.

You don’t have to always say nice things either. The truth is becoming an acceptable practice in sharing information or recommendations these days as people have less and less time to read. There are even a host of sites to assist in getting you compensation for your reviews.

Keep an eye out for some recent book reviews that I have posted and Baby Boomers – get reading…and writing to hone your skills. HAPPY READING!
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