Living Well With Fibromyalgia e-Mag Set to Close

I know that it is INCREDIBLY easy to be purely a consumer of the web sites, blogs and e-mags about your particular issue/illness. Having a BAV, Fibromyalgia and the usual problems coming with increased age, I understand and admit to being guilty of such behaviour in 2015.  But to read that one of the most helpful e-mags about fibromyalgia is being put on pause due to a lack of response to the creator and writers is a MONUMENTAL SHAME. For many, googling their condition is about as active as they get for a long period of time. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t have that particular disorder yourself, there is still a lot of valuable information to be gleaned from mags like this one. It is one of my faves!

Read what the Owner reports as the reasons for discontinuing the blog below and show your support by commenting.


2 thoughts on “Living Well With Fibromyalgia e-Mag Set to Close

  1. I was diagnosed with fibro back in 2008 and spent a lot of time looking up whatever I could find about it. When my neurologist put me on magnesium for seizure control it also helped the fibro pain and within 6 -12 months, the pain was totally gone. I studied up on Mg and was surprised to learn what I did. I strongly encourage others to research magnesium (Mg) and see what it can do for you. Mg is an essential mineral and used by every single body system we have. On the down side, Mg is depleted in the soil so our foods don’t have as much as they should; it’s not replaced in most fertilizers; processing and the added chemicals to our food further diminish Mg.

    • Hi quirky, glad you found something that worked for you. How many grams of magnesium do you take? I have found a very slight difference in how I feel but I only take 400mg a day. Seems to be an ongoing task researching everything and testing it out myself. I was only diagnosed in May and now they tell me it is all part of a hereditary collagen disorder, but say they cannot do much more than they are now.

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