Book Review – Trigger Mortis


What do Sherlock Holmes, a popup interactive site in London and the recently released thriller Trigger Mortis all have in common?

Anthony Horowitz, of course!

Tagged as one of the most anticipated releases this year, Horowitz channels Ian Fleming to bring the newest Bond tale to our stores and ebook readers. Trigger Mortis is a term used by the military to abort a mission if all else fails. In this manuscript from the vault, we find that James Bond has mellowed a bit with age, but like a fine wine, he also can end up on the floor or all over the place. One thing is for sure…Bond is back!

Pussy Galore is staying with James, M is still in charge, Miss Moneypenny is mysteriously absent and James seems to not check in at headquarters too much anymore, but the original style of Fleming, based on his notes, rings true in Horowitzs’ hands. With the background of the race track, an evil Korean joins with SMERSH to bring all of the action and intrigue required for a Saturday night thriller, which does not let up until the final page.

Now it’s a long time since I read a Bond book and I am not really a member of the fan club, but this book had me smiling. The combination of the unstoppable spy, headstrong female characters and the crazy Korean is not too cheesy and I believe that Bond fans won’t be disappointed.

Will a movie be made? The jury is still out, It will be interesting to see if Flemings’ estate offers Horowitz any more of the literary tidbits that are stashed away. Or could this be a one off? The talented Horowitz is never far from his next project, be it a book, film or television script, but it will be up to the fans if he manages to land a Bond coup and collaborate again with Flemings’ ghost.

Love Bond or not, it is a non taxing and amusing read for those rainy Saturday nights, when books beckon from their shelves. I give it three stars.


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