2015 Be Gone. It’s the New Year..




The winds of change have been a constant theme for my family this year… and surprisingly, have not caused the angst that usually accompanies big diversions away from the norm.

I heard today on the local Brisbane News that 100,000 people will be at South bank for New Years Eve. Numbers are down. The terrorism threat level is ‘Probable’.  What does that even mean? These days,  I can’t think of anything worse than being in a crowd of 100,000 tonight. A crowd of 3 will do for me!

This year I have changed considerably. I have let go of a lot of ‘the old me’, (aka ‘the young me’) and sought: solitude over crowds, silence over talking and familiar over strange. I have calmed down and actually not fought or even mourned the loss of my previous life, but reminisced about it often and smiled.

The professional person,  the Audiologist, the Rehab Counsellor, the Psychologist in me has retired. The incessant traveller and adventurer has not been overly bothered by not leaving my own State all year. The parent is enjoying her girls beautiful transformation into a loving, kind,’sort of’ independent woman, slowly amassing skills in housework, cooking and driving.

Funnily enough,  I look at the world on the eve of 2016 and don’t recognise the world I grew up in anymore. People don’t care as much, acquisitiveness and anti-Islamic sentiment are rife and terrorism is a reality, but I feel more empathy for myself and less stress about being me than I ever have. And it’s a good thing.

I am tempted to say that I am wiser, but think I should downgrade the term to more ‘even-handed’. I can understand your position and agree to disagree on issues. If you don’t like it, thats your problem.

So here’s to 2016 – the leap year, the Olympics and my 53rd year of life.

Watch this space for more Baby Boomer tips, fun, insight and book reviews.

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