Book Review – Go Set a Watchman



Last year I set myself a goal to read 52 books. Well – I must admit that I didn’t quite make it. I was pleased with the 32 I had read and reassured myself that it was a reasonable effort for this Baby Boomer, given all that was going on with my health in 2015. My goal is the same this year. 52 books here I come. I am determined to do it this time!

So to my review of Book 32…..

With all the hype surrounding the release of Go Set a Watchman, I had mixed emotions on opening my Christmas present hardback with the deep red cover. Never being one to shy away from a literary challenge, the anticipation got the better of me and I dived right in! But I made one mistake….

I realised that it was many years since I had immersed myself in one of my fave books ever – To Kill a Mockingbird. To complete the experience, I decided to refresh my mind with the original, much lauded tome and yes, yet again it affected me. With a vague mix of excitement and anticipation (read trepidation) I launched into the ‘sequel’.

Things started well and though I did not feel that the follow up book based on Harper Lee’s notes, rang as true as Lee’s original voice, I was soon further disillusioned when a large paragraph, equivalent to almost a page, was pretty much lifted word for word from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Yes, I know that there needed to be some backtracking for those who did not read the original. Yes, I know that some critics claimed that it was acceptable as a new work in its own right. But, for me – the repetition was grating, the voice too thin and some important characters were only alluded to throughout its pages. I was disappointed!

However….the further I got into the book, the more I was appeased. For Scout fans, the precocious child is now a precocious woman, who hasn’t quite found her place in the world. When she revisits the town of her youth, things have changed. Is the South that she knew gone forever? And what does Atticus Finch do to cause her to consider leaving them behind for ever?

The only thing is to pick up a volume and find out.

I rate it 3 out of 5. Worth a look.

PS I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.




Happy Boomer New Year or Na, No Novel Finished Yet!

Boomers round the world, Happy New Year. Don’t you just love it! Another chance to rebirth, recharge, renew… and cut and paste last year’s resolutions onto this year’s diary front page.

Have you noticed that the Boomer bashing has gone quiet of late? Very few, new excerpts or theories on what we’ve been up to, have emerged from the media in recent months. Well no news is good news, I guess, but I think it’s time we upped the ante a bit, don’t you? So here’s the challenge. If you find something interesting about, or for BBs, comment or send it on and I will research and publish it. And to start us off for the year, here’s an update on what this Boomer has been doing….NOTHING!

You may remember that in 2013, I began writing my novel, The Last Baby Boomer?  I intended to finish it during Na No Wri Mo in November year before last, but it was not to be. November 1 2014, the charge was sounded again via Na No Wri Mo, with the intention of delivering said novel. Alas, a repetition of 2013. Hence copied and pasted New Year’s Resolution No. 13 – FINISH THE LAST BABY BOOMER. Feel free to ask me when the publication date is later this year!

Whilst the world tut -tuts about those pesky, cashed up with superannuation, old fogies having the time of their lives, we alone know the reality. IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN OR BEING A BABY BOOMER!

Let’s share our collective knowledge and lighten the load this 2015!